Database Management

If you still keep your business card as a pile of stack floating around the desk, drawer, or even in your car, it certainly stopping you to build and extend your network!

Don’t waste your time and energy. Get yourself and your business card organized, with... Mobility2U Database Management Service.

It acts as your own personal assistant to manage all your contact database and network.

• What are the advantages of using Mobility2U Database Management?

  • Enable Database Marketing – store and record all your contacts in a single and safe platform.
  • Building and maintaining key relationships – revive the networking.
  • Flexibility for clients to edit and modify data.
  • Overcome the unorganized and heavy printed cards.
  • Go Green – environmentally friendly, eliminate paper.
  • Saves time and energy to manage all the extensive cards.
  • Minimize workloads and eliminate mistakes of your own admin officer or secretary.
  • Improve company operational efficiency as you transformed business card into digital contact list.

• How does Mobility2U Database Management work?


 Sample - Desktop View


 Sample - Mobile View


• Mobility2U Database Management Package Fee :

Investment Budget

Package Includes


RM 1,500
(Maximum 5000 Leads)

- Data entry
- Focus group (4 segments)
- Analytics Report
- M2U Account
1000 SMS Credits
1000 EDM Credits

RM 2,500
(Maximum 10,000 Leads)

- Data Entry
- Focus Group (6 segments)
- Analytics Report
- M2U Accounts
2500 SMS Credits
2500 EDM Credits
500 MMS Credits

If you want to get yourself organized with Mobility2U Database Management, please
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