Mobile Marketing - MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

• What are the advantages of using MMS Marketing for the business?

  • : MMS has the ability to deliver a short advertisement and rich content in the form of audio clip, image, animation or video clip up to 300kb in file size direct to consumer’s mobile phone.
  • : Media content embedded within the MMS message and is played back instantly, without the need to link to an external web or WAP site.
  • : MMS advertising therefore gives access to a huge proportion of the ever growing mobile demographic.

• Why use Mobility2U MMS Marketing?

  • : Mobility2U MMS Marketing enables Mobile Number Portability (MNP) checking to ensure MMS sending is delivered even customer changed from one mobile operator to another.
  • : It is a Bulk MMS (one-way MMS) which able to deliver large volumes of MMS and gives you the ability to deliver immediate message direct to phones.
  • : MMS Marketing Testing Session. Ensure all the contents on message are working properly before the first blast out.
  • : MMS verification and validation. In-house designer team to verify MMS contents quality to ensure user experience receiving the MMS.
  • : Device Testing Deliverables. MMS Marketing has been fully tested and worked properly on most the devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia.

• MMS Marketing Sample


• MMS credit packages as below :

Package No of MMS Credits Price per MMS Package Price
Basic Package
RM 10,000
Business Package
RM 20,000
Corporate Package
RM 30,000

Note: If you are interested to buy large amount of MMS credits, please contact us at to get better MMS rates.

• Check out the functionalities of every broadcasting method in Mobile Marketing

 • Web MMS Broadcast
Web MMS Broadcast enables you to send MMS through our web portal. You can send a simple message in 4 simple steps or customized your message to include name or other variables in your message and send message to 2,000 recipients at a go.