Functionalities of WAP Portal

Mobility2u's WAP site enables users to send messages to contacts of the groups from Mobility2u's address book. Mobility2u’s WAP portal facilitates users to send messages from their mobile phones from anywhere, anytime ,for example, on the way to a meeting, during coffee break or when users do not have their PCs with them.

We offer you with the following functionalities:

  • • Send group messages
    • ♦ The contacts are to be added into Mobility2u’s address book through Mobility2u website.
    • ♦ Users can log in onto Mobility2u’s WAP site to send marketing messages or announcements to their address book contacts. The recipients of the message would be the group of contacts which can be selected from the drop down list.
    • ♦ The message can be previewed before the message is send out to all the contacts.

Note: iSentric reserves the right not to approve or remove any SMS branding which are
copyrighted or suspicious names.