Functionalities of Web SMS Broadcast

Just login from our website and start sending SMS to your clients or friends through the Internet. It’s easy to use and we offer the lowest SMS rate ever. Now, that’s a straightforward way send out thousands of SMS at a shot.

We offer you with the following functionalities:

  • • Send single or group messages
    • ♦ Choose whether to send out to single recipient or multiple recipients, maximum    of 2,000 numbers, at a go.
    • ♦ Select recipients from address book for group sending instead of entering the    numbers individually.
  • • Customize your message
    • ♦ Customizing message to add personal touch when the recipients received the    message.
    • ♦ Names or any other variables in the message which is distinctive for each    recipient, for example, sending customize message with member’s name and    accumulated reward points at the end of each month.
  • • Address book
    • ♦ Contacts can be categorized into groups. The purpose of grouping is to sort the    contacts which have common characteristics.
    • ♦ Groups can be added, viewed, edited or deleted by user.
    • ♦ Upload Excel (.xls) or CSV (.csv) file which is then saved into the address book.    Sample format of the files are can be found in the address book.
  • • Reporting
    • ♦ Delivery reports will be shown on whether the message has been successfully   sent to the recipients. If the message has been sent, the report will show    “delivered” status. Otherwise, if the message could not be sent, then the report     will show “undelivered” status.
  • • Create sub-users
    • ♦ Sub-users can be created from the main user account. Credits can also be   allocated by the main user to the sub-users. Sub-users can send out messages    to mobile numbers or selected from its own address book, where the credit will   be deducted from allocated sub-user’s credit. The main user can view all the    delivery reports of the sub-users under its account; however, sub-users can only    view their own delivery reports.
  • • Limit notification
    • ♦ When the credit reaches a fixed amount, we will send out notifications through    SMS and email to remind you to top up your account. That way, you do not have    to worry if you ran out of credits when you are sending out SMS.

Note: iSentric reserves the right not to approve or remove any SMS branding which are
copyrighted or suspicious names.

•  Through API