Functionalities of Outlook SMS

If you have all your contacts in your Outlook 2003, we are here to offer you another solution which can come in handy when you want to organize or promote any campaigns to be sent your contacts. Just type in the message and select the contacts from your Outlook address book. It’s that simple and fast!

Outlook SMS has all the functions below:

  • • Message template
    • ♦ Create a message and save it as a template where it can be reuse when sending the same message at different times. Say, for example, you are sending membership renewal message to your customers to remind them, you can save the message as a template, thus you will only need to enter the mobile numbers or select the phone numbers from Outlook address book and select the message template before clicking on the “Send” button. Just in 3 steps and the message can be conveyed to your customers.
  • • Personalized your message
    • ♦ Send SMS and at the same time addressing your customers by name allows more personal touch. All the fields available from the address book can be inserted into the message. As the contacts details are attached together with the mobile number of the recipient, it provides advantage of customizing each message to address each recipient.
  • • Create your own masking
    • ♦ You can choose to your SMS masking like your company’s name or your own name (e.g iSentric) where the recipients can recognize the sender of the message.
  • • 2-way messaging
    • ♦ Outlook SMS also offers 2-way messaging functionality. You can send SMS to your customers or agents and have them reply the message back to your inbox in Outlook SMS.
    • ♦ For example, send out a message to all your sales team members to confirm a sales meeting on a scheduled date and time. Each sales member can then reply the message to confirm whether they are able to attend the meeting on the scheduled time.

Note: iSentric reserves the right not to approve or remove any SMS branding which are
copyrighted or suspicious names.

•  Through Web
•  Through API