Mobile Marketing (SMS)

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Package No of SMS Credits Price per SMS Package Price
RM 65.00
RM 100.00
RM 9000.00
RM 15,000.00

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Mobile phones have become a necessity in all walks of life in the technology era today. Business and corporate institutions are increasingly looking for ways to reach out targeted or new market segments to announce and promote their products and services. Through mobile channel, we believe reaching these customers can be achieved as mobile marketing promotions has been rather successful and all communication between sellers and buyers can be accomplished in an effective manner.

Check out the functionalities of every broadcasting method in Mobile Marketing

 • Web SMS Broadcast
Web SMS Broadcast enables you to send SMS through our web portal. You can send a simple message in 4 simple steps or customized your message to include name or other variables in your message and send the message to 2,000 recipients at a go!

• Bulk API
Bulk API enables you to send SMS by connecting to our gateway directly. You can customized your own interface to cater for your clients or requirements.

• WAP Portal    
Access our WAP portal and send message to your group contacts with few clicks of buttons. Now you can even send SMS from Mobility2u without being in front your PC.

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•  Web SMS Broadcast
•  Wap Portal

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